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Biomes and Ecosystems

Planet Profile 


On Arlena Beta, there are two races that are living on the same planet, but the Arlenians live on the west side, while the Monomers live on the east side. To begin with, the Arlenians are a peaceful race, but they are trained soldiers when a combat is coming. The Monomers are the most technological advanced creatures and they are also the most aggressive and feared creatures that inhabit in the orbit, and neither creature of the solar system are willing to confront them. The Arlenians are robot-like creatures and have the stance of a human person. They are fully covered by the strongest iron to protect their body, and nobody knows how do Arlenians look without all of the gear. In the other hand, the Monomers are huge human like flies that have 2 metallic wings that they made by themselves, and 2 arms on each side that are covered with technological advances that inject green matter to be stronger. Also, they have two eyes that are covered by red glasses that stick out of their faces. Both of this races are very advanced on intelligence and on technological prototypes, but the Monomers are the most advanced raced in the orbit. In addition, the Monomers live on the hot side, while the Arlenians live on the cold side. Finally, as the Monomers live on the east side, they have some Arlenians slave that help with the mining and petroleum and nuclear power factories, while the Monomers take control of the trading and government.

To begin with, the origins of both races are unknown, but researchers say that the Monomers came to Arlena Beta when the humans threw them out of Earth, and the Arlenians were already in Arlena Beta when the Monomers arrived.  The Arlenians let the Monomers stayed, but they didn’t know all the trouble the Monomers could bring. At the begging, the two races had agreed to divide the planet into two sides, which were the east and the west. There was a dispute over which side each race wanted to own, so to solve the conflict they decided that the strongest fighter of each sided need to fight each other and see who won. So, the soldier of the Monomers and Arlenians fought, and as a result, the Monomers won and decided to stay with the east, which is the hot part. Finally, when the Arlenians lost they needed to adapt to their new environment, and there was a change in the government since the Monomers decided they should control the entire planet and start a totatorship.


     As indicated earlier, Arlena Beta has two sided, the east which is the hot area and the west which is the cold area. Arlena Beta is a very vivid and colorful planet that has an area of 10,00 times bigger the size of earth, and each side if the planet has a variety of creatures and organisms that inhabit the planet. On the west, the cold part, the biome is tundra and large treeless and natural rock buildings that make a huge belt that separates both sides. Arlena Beta has permafrost, which is a permanently frozen layer of soil, which is frozen all year long because that is the only season that is on the west side of the planet. Also, in the tundra, there are a variety of animals that can be found on earth, for example, caribou, arctic fox, grizzly bears, falcons, etc. Finally, scientists are still investigating the ways these animals could have arrived at this planet. Finally, the Arlenians live with an average yearly temperature range of -30C to -15C and the vegetation compose of lichens, dwarf woody plants, and mosses.

      In the other hand, the other half of the planet is a humid and desert like area, but there are two seasons that have the east side is summer and spring. In summer, the climate is very hot that it is when there are cactuses and dried plants, but in spring there are mostly warm and humid periods of times for this creatures. The biomes during spring are rainforest and a boreal forest, but the biomes during summer are desert, which is hot and dry. The biomes are taken care of because the races have learned to value the land they have because of their troubles at the beginnings. Finally, the biomes in the part of the Monomers are desert, rainforest, and humid climates.

Monomers' Territory
Arlenians' Territory

Creatures and Plants

     As there are two different types of climate on Arlena Beta there is a diversity of species. On the hot and humid region, there are 3 types of organisms. The first one is called the Monomians, which is a pale creature that is very intelligent and has the power of telepathy, which means that they can read the mind of any creature that is around him. Also, the creatures are very primitive, which means that they don’t interact with other species and are very independent. Moreover, another species found in the east are the mongoners, which are a very horrific creature that instead of having teeth it has claws and fangs, also instead of having hands, they have claws that can kill you with a single cut because they are a very poisonous creature.  In addition, the monomers which are the main residents of this area the, and the Monomers are huge human like flies that have 2 metallic wings that they made by themselves, and 2 arms on each side that are covered with technological advances that inject green matter to be stronger. Also, they have two eyes that are covered by red glasses that stick out of their faces. Finally, there are the Clarqs that are ghostly like figures that have 2 arms and no longs, they are the only creatures that can fly in this region, and finally these creatures are trained for combats and rarely seen because they are hiding.

     In the other hand, in the cold region, which is of the Arlenians, there are several types of organisms, which are the Arletrees, Arlenians, Quiduks. The Arletrees are a unique type of tree that will kill anything that comes near them or tries to destroy them; they only attack when they think a conflict will come. Moreover, the Arlenians are the main residents of the area and the Arlenians are robot-like creatures and have the stance of a human person. They are fully covered by the strongest iron to protect their body, and nobody knows how do Arlenians look without all of the gear. Finally, the Quiduks, are skeleton like figures that are horrific and instead of having wings they just have the bones of them, and finally they protect the Arlenians when trouble is coming.







     At first, when both of the races were by their own, Arlena Beta had two religions, which were Mononiarism and Arleanarism, but these two religions were later unified and created the religion of Mononialeanarism. Mononialeanarism was created when the Monomers took power of Arlena Beta, which was 4 trillion years ago. Mononialeanarism was created when 5 creatures of the Arlenians and Monomers were praying and they heard a splendid voice saying, “ To maintain peace in this planet you need to unify this two wonderful religion two form one religion called Mononialeanarism. To make this religion work you need to sacrifice 5 followers of each group to worship and keep satisfy your God called Armonozago. Moreover, the God Armonozago was the one who created this wonderful and splendid planet, so you should follow his orders and worship him, and you should also help him because of him you are all alive.” Immediately, this group of prayers demanded to talk to Totatorship Monomer for him to put this religion to be followed and to spread the religion by announcing the new religion to every creature living in that planet. Also, this religion evolved during the centuries and the group of prayers learned more ways to spread this religion. Believers started to write the Holy book of Mononialeanarism, which describes the way people, should follow the religion.  Also, not everyone was obligated to follow the religions because there were creatures that didn’t follow this religion or didn’t believe in a God at all. Finally, the creatures that didn’t believe in a God were very few because they think a person could create a planet with their own hands and could create everything they see everyday.


     At first, before the Monomers came to Arlena Beta, the Arlenians spoke Arlenis, which is the combination of different earth languages, which are Russian, Italian, Latin, Greek, mixed with body gestures for some words.  Arlenis was a very complex language because it had different pronunciations for each word, and each word has more than two meanings depending on its pronunciation. In addition, when the Arlenis language was taught in school for young Arlenians it was difficult for them to learn because they had a lot of problems in the pronunciation and also knowing the definition for each word. This problem was later solved when the Monomers came to Arlena Beta and made everyone speak the same language called Mononeric, which was the language they speak. Mononeric is the combination of Russia, Arabic and Indian that relate with some of their roots. Monomeric was much easier to learn and to adapt to young monomers and Arlenians that were in learning schools. Mononeric had a word for every object that could exist in the solar system; it has more than 7,500 words and their alphabet consists of 50 easy letters that can be easily learned and memorized. Also, this language made trading and work easier because this was the language that most people use in the solar system, so it was easier to communicate with neighboring planets. In addition, the language made communication between the two territories easier because they only needed to speak one language and it was also easier to communicate what each territory needed from the other. Finally, Mononeric also has body language because in very strange occasions there were some creatures that were deaf or the could talk, so they used Mononeric Sign Language to communicate with the other creatures; there are more than 5,000 signs for people to communicate with deaf or people that cannot talk.


     The Monomers and the Arlenians are the most advanced and intelligent races in the universe. Moreover, the Monomers are the only creatures that have evolved by themselves over the past million of decade. In addition, most of their important and known inventions are widely known for been the most advanced technology in the universe, and both of the races are very proud of their technological advances.

     One of their most successful inventions is the Technorlbeta. The Technorlbeta is an intergalactic computer that has more than 1000 megabytes.  In addition, it is a 18-inch laptop that comes available in the color green, blue, pink. Moreover, it’s a intergalactic laptop which is waterproof, and it can charge by it self in the sun. Also, it is a laptop that includes a holographic keyboard and mouse, and it has more than five spaces for pen drives and cables. Also, laptop can hold more than 86 games, and more than 10 applications for music. Also, wireless headphones, two pen drives, and 3 waterproof and wireless speakers. In addition, the holographic computer has a siri version for every language on the universe including earth and space energy. Finally, this intergalactic computer uses nebula technology to send videos and audio messages to the receiver.

     Finally, another huge and successful invention is the most advanced phone named Thecnorlena, which can be seen in two ways in the front and in the back it is a phone that can hold more than 50 applications. Also, the holographic phone includes wireless headphones, and a charger in case. The phone charges when the phone is exposed to the shade. Moreover, the phone can have more than 10 passwords, and each time you forget the password you can add another one. Also, the phone is water and fire proof and can resist any type of smack and it doesn’t damages. Finally, this phone also uses nebula technology to send videos and audio messages to the receiver.


Dictatorship Monomer

Small Heading

     The government in Arlena Beta is a Totatorship, which is the combination of a dictatorship and a totalitarian government. A dictatorship is a form of government in which a ruler or small clique has the absolute power and are not restricted by a constitution or laws, and a totalitarian a form of government that seeks to close the individual to the state by controlling not only the political and economic matters, but also the attitudes, values and beliefs of its population. To conclude, a totatorship is a form of government where the ruler has all the power and are not restricted by a constitution or laws, and control the way creatures think, act, and believe.

      The government in Arlena Beta is a Totatorship led by the Ruler Monomer. He has more than 1 trillion of years leading the planet. The Monomers started to rule Arlena beta when the soldier of the Monomers and Arlenians fought, and as a result, the Monomers won, and they decided to rule the planet. At first, it was difficult to adapt to the new form of government of Ruler Monomer, but then the Arlenians noticed it wasn’t as bad to leave under the rule of the Monomer Rule. In addition, both races have equal land, which is that the Monomers stay with the east side, and the Arlenians with the west side. Finally, even though Arlena Beta is divided into two different territories that contain very different creatures, there are no disputes over which group has more control, due to their past, and there is peace between this two enemies.

Economy and Trade

Arlena Beta uses a mixed economy trade system. Moreover, this economic system is the mixture of command and market economy. In addition, the economy is mostly free of government control, and this makes the planet’s economy thrive even more. The government only controls the areas of transportation, service, education, and trading. Also, mix economy helps the Ruler Monomer to have more power over the Arlenians and the Monomers because they control public services. Finally, this type of economy has helped the planet have a thriving economy over the years the Monomers have had the control to stabilize and control de trade of Arlena Beta.

Moreover, the Monomers and the Arlenians work together to stabilize and keep up the economy by the Arlenians working on the coal mines and petroleum factories, while the Monomers are in charge of the trade.  Also, from the petroleum factories, the petroleum is later converted into gasoline, which is later traded. Moreover, the main trading partners of the planet Arlena Beta are the New Earth, Crab Nebula, Alara, Japi, Obonda, and Tausan, but there are more trading ports but these planets are the most important. Arlena Beta is known for having the biggest coal mines and petroleum factories, and coal and petroleum are very expensive since they are very difficult to be found on the universe. Petroleum factories help the economy because most of the ships need petroleum to make gasoline for spaceships and transportation to move throughout space. Finally, most of their economy is from the trading of petroleum that is later converted into gasoline, and coal. 

Art and Music

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