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How I Became an Infinity Knight

Since I was a teenager I was always rejected and humiliated by everyone at school. In the streets and in the school they made me bullying, and besides, I did not count on the support of my father. They always preferred and supported my older brother. He was his consented, who if all that everything, while of me said that he was a failure and without any future. With only in mind a great capacity to want to belong to a group called Infinity Knights, that was what my parent’s thought of me.
These humiliations and the negativities of all led me to decide that the sea the mayor, I would fain to fight to prove to all that I can get what I want, that someday I realize my dreams of being a participant of that brave group, and to My age of majority was only 3 months. In the meantime, I was a follower, enduring the offenses and the insults of all those who did not believe in me.
The time passed and I arrived the day of my birthday and the awakening I said a father of mine, "As I know that for you I am nothing important and you are not like you deserve to be proud of me. The only gift you ask for today is that they grant me without hesitation not a second is to let me go, to let me fly alone and go after my dreams. "
"It's okay, although we guarantee you have a son and a girl, there is never one of those brave young men and fighters of this group so important, since you do not have the bearing you're a fat and without strength you never achieve anything Of what you propose "That was my gift and farewell to my parents.
I left home and did not spend many days when I decided that I should prepare, and I decided to look in the newspaper for information from a military academy, where I could enter to take the necessary preparations to be a good fighter.
When I arrived at the military academy, I was told that I had to wait for 1 to 2 months to enter and accept, but if I did not waste time, I would go out every day on a jogging street, I went to a gym because I needed to get in shape really. Which was able to reach the Infinity Knights group. The months passed and they were admitted to the military academy, there they learned to defend me and fight. There were many battles that I faced in the academy, but everything was for a good reason. I had to prepare to enter the group and the tenure to prove to all those who doubted me and I humbled that I and I achieve what I proposed. At the academy, they let me out because I was a good student and I had good behavior.
Being in the streets, I met a former partner of the town where he lived and he did not recognize me, I kept walking until I walked next to my brother who also did not recognize me. That showed me that I was already accomplishing one of my purposes.
Time later I came upon a fight where there was a lady where a man had stolen, and some good people in the lady's defense was against the thief. As I passed near the fight and I approached, and I got involved, and since the thief was not alone, I fought with great security because in the academy had prepared me very well. With my knowledge of the defense, I was able to defeat the evil. I had not noticed that one of the captains and members of the fighters of the infinite Knights admired me and saw my way of fighting evil.
I went back to the academy to continue preparing, and this I did ignoring that one of the captains and members that saw me fight wanted to know me. Months passed and I never went out again. I decided that I would leave when I was ready to look for the captain and the young people who had motivated me to fight for my dreams.
Time passed and I was ready to go outside. My time at the academy was over.
When I left, I went to the village where I used to live, and I came to my father's house. I asked my parents if they had changed their mind about their thinking about me, but it was not. They still believed that I was a failure, and I retired from there. More dedicated than ever I decided to look for the youngsters of Infinity Knights.
Day after day I looked for them, but I could not find them anywhere, but I did not give up. One day they finally found me when I was training in a place away from society so I could drain all my energies. The captain approached me and asked me, "Are you that young man from the square who helped the lady who was robbed?"
Very confused, he had answered, "If it's me. Who are you? How do you know about that fight? "
"I saw you fighting the thugs and I am a captain of Infinity Knights' troops. I would like you to belong to this group, but first I have to introduce you to the group. " I did not believe that a captain was telling me all this.
“I would love to belong to your group. Captain, did you know my dream is to belong to that group? For years I was away from my family and my people because I was in a military academy to receive training. In my house, in the school, and in the town, they always made fun of me because of my physical appearance and intelligence. But I feel ready for them to see me fight and prove that I am not a failure and that I fight for what I want. "
"I had time looking for you since that fight in the square. I saw that you have the potential to be one of us. I invite you to meet the group and give them a demonstration of what you know. "
"I accept your proposal, Captain. This has always been my dream all my life and despite the humiliations. I never gave up on that dream. I want to show everyone who made fun of me that I am very brave, and that I will fight for the welfare of our planet.”
When the Captain had shown me his group of Infinity Knights, I proposed to those who were now my companions to do something, to pass house-to-house an invitation so that people would attend to see a special fight without explaining what it was.
I just wanted my mothers and my friends from the town to see me fighting. One of the leaders came to an agreement with one of the guerrillas to have a duel in a specific place they accepted.
 The day arrived and many people attended. They came to the event without knowing what it was and among these people my family. In this duel, we emerged victoriously, and I was totally accepted in the group because I demonstrated my skills and knowledge to defend myself and also this same battle helped me to show everyone that I am not a loser and that I am a young man capable of fighting for Arlena Beta.
That is how I entered and became an Infinity Knight!
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