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          Arlena Beta is a planet that is located in the Arlena Star, which is very close to the Sun. Moreover, Arlena Beta is a big, dark navy blue with light green that has no gravity. Arlena Beta is 10,000 light years away, and it is inside the Alpha Quadrant. This planet uses a different calendar system, and their year 0 was when the Arlenians finally got in accordance with the monomers, that was that the monomers stayed on the east side of the planet, and the Arlenians stayed on the west side of the planet. This accordance finally created peace between these two planets, but the Arlenians are very scared of the monomers, so they follow their government and their rules.

          In addition, the planet does a full rotation around the sun in approximately 14,250 earth days, which means that approximately a full year on Alpha Uya is 37.5 earth days. Days in Alpha Uya can be considered very long because one day on this planet lasts 54 hours, which means that for one day in Arlena Beta it is 2½ on a regular earth day. As said before, Arlena Beta is a dark navy blue with light green that is one billion times bigger the size of earth. Moreover, there is no gravity in Arlena Beta, which means that this is the only planet where the races don’t need any gravity to live and this makes the Arlenians the most advanced raced because the monomers need this especial mask to breathe the oxygen the planet doesn’t have.

          Finally, Arlena Beta is a unique planet for many reasons. To begin with, this is a planet where enemies live on the same planet but in two different divisions, the west and the east, and has one type of government that leads both races.  Also, Alpha Uya is the only planet in the solar system that has two different seasons occurring during the same time of the year. For example, in the east, the season is always hot and desert like because is the part of the planet that is facing the sun, while in the west the season is always cold because it is the part of the planet that is not affected by the rays of the sun. In addition, Arlena Beta contains the biggest and most advanced nuclear power plants, one of the biggest coal mines, and the biggest petroleum factory.

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